Undersigned Slobodan Vujasinović, a doctor of medicine, specialised in dermatovenerology, was born in Brežice, Slovenia in 26th January 1957 as the only son of the father who passed away in 1984, and the mother, a retired professor of Slavic studies at the Faculty of Pedagogics in Maribor, maiden named Zupančič, who died in 1988. I am the citizen of the Republic of Slovenia and permanently domiciled in Kidričeva 5, Laško, Slovenia.

I attended primary school in Zadar, Croatia, and, after finishing it, continued my schooling at Grammar School in Zagreb to graduate as an A-student in 1975. In the same year, I decided to enrol to the Faculty of Medicine, Zagreb and gained university graduation with sufficiency in October 1980. After graduation I performed internship at Celje Health Centre, Slovenia, and passed an examination of professional competence in Ljubljana on March 2nd 1982. Since that day and up to 1985 I was working as a general practitioner in Radeče Health Centre (the community of Laško and also my mother's place of birth). Within this period of time, I was also in the function of the acting director of Radeče Health Centre. In August 1st 1985 I left for the Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases of The University in Zagreb for the purpose of medical specialisation and to successfully pass the exam of professional competence in 1988. I was offered a permanent post with the same clinic. My entire work was fully mentored by Aleksej Kansky, prof. med.sc. and by Ivan Dobrić, prof. med.sc. All my work activities done at the clinic were completely carried out by myself in various policlinic dispensaries (general dispensary for dermatology, the dispensary for children dermatology, dispensatory for basic dermatological treatments, , dispensary for medical cosmetology, dispensary for psychosomatics in dermatology, dispensary for trichology, as well as the dispensary for sexually transmittable diseases and AIDS); I also worked as a ward doctor (wards for male patients, female patients and children); I was engaged in a research work, in the educational process for students of medicine and young practitioners, published numerous specialist articles and was also active at writing a specialist schoolbook. I took an active and passive part in many national and international symposiums. I was also granted the scientific status by the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb, i.e. the researcher-colleague. Furthermore, I went on post-graduation studies and signed in my master degree thesis (mentored by Eugenija Cividini-Stranić, prof.med. sc., “Psychosomatic Profile of a Patient Suffering Psoriasis”.). I was an active member of the group for “Transplantation of Bone Marrow” at the Hematological Clinic of UCC Zagreb-Rebro (under the leadership Boris Labar, prof.med.sc.). In 1990, I spent one month on studies at the St Louis Hospital in Paris, especially for sexually transmittable diseases and AIDS (dr. Morel, prof.), which also enabled me to gain as many experience in the field of dermatosurgery as possible (Serge Letessier, M.D.).

For the reason of the Republic of Slovenia entering in its independence, I quitted my job at the Clinic in Zagreb in 1991 and returned to the community of Laško to join my wife and three pre-school children. Since now one, I worked as a general practitioner in Laško Medical Centre, and also performed dermatovenearological practice in the same Medical Centre, in a registered private dispensary. I continued my specialist cooperation with wards for dermatology at GH in Maribor and Celje, as well as with the ones in Ljubljana and Zagreb. Since 1993, I have had a regular employment with the Secondary Medical School in Celje as the teacher of specialist subjects (basic clinical subjects, care for psychiatric patients, care for infected patients, care for internist patients, care for paediatric patients, care for surgical patients, and care for gynaecological patients), while still running dispensary for dermatology in Laško twice a week. I have been a member of Slovene and Croatian Section for Dermatology and take much pride in the regular membership in The International Association for Dermatosurgery – ISDS (seated in Chicago – the USA) as the only member from Slovenia from September 30th 1997 on.

My non-professional spare time activity is being the doctor of sport medicine in Pivovarna Laško basketball team. In 1993, 1994 and 1995 I was active in lecturing at the symposium of The Slovene Association of Doctors of Medicine of Sport and also gained the licence for performing this kind of medical practice.

I have tried many times already to get a job of a dermatologist in the Slovene Public Health Retention net, however mostly unsuccessfully, which made me decide for my private practice. Since September 4th 1995 I ran a “Private dispensary for skin and sexual diseases” in Laško Thermal Spa as the first Slovene dermatovenearologist-private person (without concession granted). Since then I have been carrying out a perpetual dermatovenearological practice. Beside general dermatological medical examinations, I have been especially enthusiastic about psychosomatic aspects of treating chronic skin diseases and primary dermatosurgical interventions. It is a regular daily work; I run all necessary documentations and also employ a professional nurse. Up to now, the number of my patients has overcome 25,000 patients coming from the entire Slovenia and partially also from Croatia. Furthermore, I have also taken much care for a constant gaining of new knowledge in this field of medicine; for this reason, I participated in many specialist symposiums and conferences both actively and passively (See the list attached!). Despite all these facts, I still tend to have make knowledge expanded which, however, is rather considered as most requiring for running a private practice (without any concession granted). In 1995 I became an Independent Expert for the field of dermatovenearology of the Republic of Slovenia and it was my own will to cease this cooperation in 2014.

I reside in Laško, Slovenia together with my wife and three children and I am in a possession of a flat. I am fluent in Slovene, Croatian and English.

Within 2010 and 2016 I studied LOGOTHERAPY by Frankl and managed to gain the university degree in September 15th 2016.



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10. Study visits to German Centre for Dermatology (DMZ) at the Dead Sea, Israel in a-week-time

      duration; officially invited by Mr SEIDL, M.D., the general manager of the centre. The DMZ centre

      is one of the world’s leading centres for climatic treatment of chronic skin diseases and other   

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11. International symposium Dedne motnje keratinizacije (Genetic Disorders of Keratinization),

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19. Regular expert co-worker in the SALON magazine for hair-stylists and cosmeticians. More than 50

      expert articles published up to now.

20. Contractual work with the Secondary Medical School in Celje (programme for adult students).

21. Cooperation with the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana, Slovenia in the field of malign melanoma

      treatment (Prof. Rudolf Z., dr.med.); cooperation with psychiatrists (Pahljina, dr.med., Celje,

      Slovenia) and psychologists (Doc. Zdenka Zalokar-Divjak); pathologists (General Hospital in Celje,

      Slovenia) and dermatohistopathologists (Miljkovič, dr. med., Berčič, dr. med., Maribor, Slovenia);

      cooperation with orthopaedists (due to the medicine of sport – hospital in Valdoltra, Slovenia),

      with traumatologists (hospital in Celje; UCC Ljubljana, Slovenia), gynecologists (Partner treatment

      of sexually transmittable diseases), infectologists, paediatricians, specialists in internal diseases

      and yet with many other practitioners of general medical practice from the entire state of


22. Days of Dermatology, international symposium (Maribor, November 7th – 8th 2003)


                                                                                                                              Slobodan Vujasinović, dr. med.

                                                                                                                              Specialist of dermatovenearology